Ohio Dental Association of Minority Dentists

September 15, 2015
 Position statement of AG requested
Mandated statutory representation of agency employees who violate law. How terminated? and at what threshold of violation?

Dear AG Mike DeWine
Please advise us; at what threshold of violation of law, will AG office cease to represent an agency employee that has engaged in violation of State Law?

Simply put, is that threshold (i) murder? Or is it (ii) theft in office, via falsification of state documents
(time clock entries?) Or is it (iii) tempering of evidence in patient files of dentists under investigation? Or is it (iv) violation of privacy of applicants for a state job?   You owe this position statement to me and citizens of Ohio.

As an example at (iv) above; will AG continue to represent an agency employee in this specific scenario described below?  {Agency is dental board; agency employee is Ms. Lili Reitz; allegation is willful violation of privacy laws.}  

Applications for Assistant Investigator Position were all forwarded to an outside private individual Mr. Kevin Coughlin by Ms. Lili Reitz.  Privacy breach violating equal opportunity provision and hiring policies in law.   

In an e-mail dated December 04, 2013 authored at 10:15 PM from Kevin Coughlin (Kevin@lexingtoncos.com) to Lili Reitz; Mr. Kevin Coughlin makes the following hiring selections:

“ I have flagged the following for closer review and possible interviews:

C***** H***** M**** O***** R****** T******** W***** P. W******* Y***** Y S******** R*** S**** J. S****** T*** A*** S****  C***** D***** G*** G******** J**** L****  …….”

AG representation of agency employees is mandatory and by Statue.  On one hand you enforce the law upon private individuals not on state payroll and on other hand you protect the law breakers on state payroll; this is conflict of duties. Accordingly, I am requesting clarification by AG

Public Records Request dated September 15, 2015 directed at AAG Bockbrader

1          Provide applications of above individuals (identified in italic); including appended documents to their applications for employment.

2          Provide document that identifies hiring policy.

3          Provide e-mails and appointment letter written by the dental board to the selected candidate; and provide e-mails and letters to all candidates identified above (identified in italic) from December 4, 2013 and October 1, 2014

We expect AAG to object and withhold responsive documents; however AG office is without legal authority or basis to withhold because:

See a recent case;  State ex rel. Lanham v. DeWine, 2013-Ohio-199, ¶ 24, citing State ex rel Nix v. City of Cleveland, 83 Ohio St.3d 379, 383 (1998) at page 11 see  (8) unless the protection is waived quoting State ex rel. Leslie v. Ohio House Fin. Agency. 105 Ohio St. 2d 261, 2005-Ohio-1508, 824 N.E.2d 990 (Emphasis added)

Clearly protections are waived by Ms. Reitz regarding confidentiality of the applicants to an outside private individual Mr. Coughlin and likewise cannot be withheld from ODAMD either.  Accordingly, AAG Bockbrader cannot claim confidentiality protections, because her client waived them.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation

Dr. Paul Sohi 
President ODAMD
ODAMD requests confidentiality:

1                    Due to privacy issues in this Public Records Request; no part of this e-mail should be forwarded to anyone other than those specifically identified in this closed loop e-mail

2                     Just because a state employee may have violated privacy of others, ODAMD does not want to compound that injury.  Our efforts are to prevent future violations and appeal to decision making authorities for appropriate action consistent with good governance.

AG Mike DeWine’s constituent services:  Consider discontinuation of legal representation of agency employee that violates Ohio laws with requested position statement of AG

Joshua Beasley:  Translate this as a formal complaint to IG.

Private board members: Consider termination as fair discharge of your duties.


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